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SenchaCon Update: Early Bird Extended, and More

April 10, 2013 179 Views

Wanted to share some great news and a few conference updates. First the good news — we are extending early bird pricing an extra two weeks. We heard the pleas for “just a bit more time” from many who were scrambling to work out schedules, get approvals, finish their taxes, etc… and we obliged. You now have until April 21st at midnight Pacific time to get the $1095 price, but that is a firm deadline. No more excuses, no more extensions, after that the price steps up to $1295.

Meanwhile, we have been working hard to truly make SenchaCon 2013 bigger, better and more fun than ever. The big focus from our technical team right now is getting the first set of technical sessions ready to post on the website. Within a week, we should have a little more than half of the 60+ sessions available to peruse (spoiler alert: it’ll probably actually be more than 70 when all is said and done).

For those of you that submitted a session proposal to our call for papers and are awaiting a response before you register, we will be notifying everyone by end of next week. If you want to register now and take advantage of the early bird price, you can go ahead — if you get accepted as a speaker, we will simply refund your ticket cost.

We’ve also had better than expected response to our “build your vacation around SenchaCon” concept. Seems lots of you are taking advantage of the discounted room rates and booking some of the “shoulder days” (the few days prior or few days after the event) to enjoy Florida. Although we still have plenty of hotel rooms available overall, rooms at the conference rate on shoulder days are limited, so if you’re thinking about staying an extra long time make sure you book sooner rather than later.

SenchaCon Swan & Dolphin
SenchaCon Swan & Dolphin
SenchaCon Swan & Dolphin

Never been to SenchaCon? Check out this montage video we pulled together to see how this community rolls. If you were there with us in Austin, see if you can spot yourself. Either way, this should get you pumped up for Orlando in July!

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