Sencha Animator Press Kit (Confidential)

Updated September 29th, 2011

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Sencha Rocks Interactive Brand Advertising
on Mobile Devices

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Sencha Animator, the first professional tool for creating CSS-based animations, lets interactive designers create high-quality HTML5/CSS3-based animations that run smoothly on mobile devices and ad networks, without requiring a plug-in.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., October 3, 2011: Sencha, the leading provider of HTML5 frameworks and tools for desktop and mobile application developers, has shipped Sencha Animator, the industry’s first commercial tool optimized for the creation of CSS3-based animations that run plug-in free.

Sencha Animator enables professional designers and advertising creatives to leverage Web standards and create highly engaging, cross-platform animations for WebKit browsers, the latest Internet Explorer 10, and popular touchscreen mobile devices. Using Sencha Animator, creatives can build rich advertising experiences for the Web that engage more viewers on a wider range of devices, boosting click-through rates and campaign ROI.

“CSS3 animations offer both cross-platform and performance advantages over JavaScript- and Flash-based animations on mobile devices,” said Michael Mullany, CEO of Sencha. “Sencha Animator provides complete creative control over the animation via a familiar user interface, and also exports human-readable, standards-based CSS that can be edited for custom modifications.”

Author and deliver rich, immersive experiences using Web standards

Until now, creating animations with CSS3 has been a painstaking manual process accessible only to designers with advanced coding skills. With Sencha Animator, any designer can create CSS3 ads that rival rich-media ads made with traditional desktop applications. Sencha Animator provides complete creative control over the animation via a familiar user interface, and also offers further customization using the JavaScript language.

Sencha Animator extends the Sencha range of tools for Web app developers

Sencha delivers application frameworks that enable developers to create rich applications for web browsers and mobile devices using web standards like HTML5 and CSS3. Sencha Animator and Sencha Touch deliver a powerful mobile application and animation environment for developers and creative designers.

Sencha Animator extends Sencha’s tools, enabling the rapid creation of HTML5 and CSS3 assets:

Sencha Animator pricing and availability

Sencha Animator costs $199 per seat and is available for immediate download from Volume discounts are available; see the Sencha store for details.


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Sencha Animator branding
Sencha Animator empowers animation artists and designers giving them access to the world of mobile rich media on iOS, Blackberry Torch, Playbook and Android devices.
Complex timeline and interactivity
Rich interactivity options are provided for sophisticated users, JavaScript is always available to unleash the true power of Sencha Animator.

Demo Videos

Sencha Animator UI Walkthrough

Take a quick walkthrough using Sencha Animator to create a simple animation and preview it in a WebKit browser.


KickFu—a fun mobile game built by—demonstrates the power of Sencha Animator to build rich mobile interactive content for the Web.

Museum of Science Advertisment

The Museum of Science—a mock advertisement created by Pushpop Designs— is a concept of an HTML5 rich media ad, in which the user can click to enter and explore the creative, and then exit whenever he or she chooses.


“Sencha Animator makes it fast and easy to create high-performance animations for mobile. With Sencha Animator’s support for CSS3, I can create animations that are hardware accelerated, have low latency and perform great on devices. Plus, I can scaffold a new ad experience quickly and hand off the HTML5 file to engineering, knowing that they have the actual code and not just a visual reference.”

Ryan Kirkman, Sr UX Designer, Mobile at SAY Media, Inc.

“Sencha Animator lets designers and animators focus on being creative—they just start animating and see instant results, without having to focus on the underlying code. Being able to move elements around on the stage and do easing using the familiar timeline workflow is much more efficient and interactive. I was blown away by how many elements and effects we could use while getting great frame rates on devices and desktop.”

Michael Graves, Senior Producer of

“Sencha Animator has opened the door to creating rich, complex animations using HTML5 and CSS3. We build character-based animations which require lots of keyframes and tweening. With Sencha Animator, tools like motion path tracking and timeline workflow aid us in building lush, fluid character movements. These and other tools limit the need for extensive programming which is a huge cost savings.”

Corey Lansdell, Co-Owner, Illustrator, Pulp Studios Inc.

“We’re designers and Sencha Animator lets us focus on design—it enables creativity, experimentation and interactive design. We can take a creative idea and build a variety of animations for our clients, so they have more options to consider—and it takes a quarter of the usual development time. Sencha Animator allows us to bring our creative design work to the next level.”

Joseph “Kel” Kelter, President of BadCat Design

“Mobile is no longer optional. Sencha Animator fills the gap in web animation tools and helps us deliver a new level of mobile creative. The timeline interface is so familiar that we were producing HTML5/CSS animations in no time, and with the actions interface, creating complex interactions is intuitive. That’s what I’d expect from the people who brought us Ext JS.”

Marc Infield, Partner, Infield Design

“Sencha Animator has changed the way my company creates ads. Combining web standards and familiar animation design patterns, Sencha Animator delivers a powerful tool that makes it easy to develop intricate motion graphics for mobile. The application’s unique interface makes it simple to animate CSS attributes and view them within the app itself, saving time and making it easy to build interactivity in Animator.”

Tim Stutts, Designer and Founder, Pushpop Design

“Sencha Animator is clearly the most comprehensive and powerful, yet easy too use and innovative CSS Animation tool. If you want to bring life to your website or mobile app, you should definitely check out Animator.”

Tim Klauck, Project Manager, Antetype