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3 Interesting JavaScript Talks at DevWeek Austin

November 27, 2019 106 Views

DeveloperWeek Conferences are known to bring forward the best talks, workshops and a wealth of knowledge about the hottest technology trends. DevWeek Austin held during the first week of Nov’19 was no exception—a great event with plenty of visionary talks, workshops, and an opportunity to mingle and exchange new ideas with devs and enterprise customers. 

Although there were many great talks at the event, we found these three JavaScript topics pretty interesting. 

  1. Ask What AI Can Do For You

Kevin Scott, an eloquent speaker and developer, presented about how JavaScript developers are uniquely poised to make a big impact on AI. An inspiring talk on how to leverage the power of AI by virtue of using visualization in building and training neural nets within a browser.

  1. Native Mobile App Development with Tabris.js

Tabris.js, a 100% JavaScript library, enables native iOS and Android App development from a single code base. The developer from McGraw Hill Education demoed a taco-shaker app using Tabris.js. When the device is shaken, a new taco recipe is loaded! GitHub Project

  1. Third Party JavaScript: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love being Blamed for Everyone Else’s Bad Design

A musician turned software developer working at Bazaarvoice spoke about her experiences and the myriad of things that go wrong (on a daily basis) when their customers integrate the company’s “Ratings and Review” software platform into their applications. She spoke about best practices to follow in scenarios where when you aren’t allowed to assume anything while coding your software stack. 

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