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Reflections on NYC DeveloperWeek 2019

July 3, 2019 180 Views

Sencha and our sister company Embarcadero, participated in the most recent DeveloperWeek conference held in Brooklyn, New York from June 16-18, 2019. This event is New York City’s largest Developer Conference and Expo, and this was my third time participating.
The event took place at the Brooklyn Expo Center – a great venue in Brooklyn, just across the East River from Manhattan. With the support of our wonderful staff, our company booth was set up in the exhibition area ready with our product demo, brochures, signage and T-shirts.

Throughout the event, our customers and curious attendees stopped by to learn more about our product portfolio, and how our tools increase developer productivity. We provided an overview of our product offerings, demonstrated the latest features of our flagship product – Ext JS version 7.0 with the interactive Kitchen Sink application, and explained how to get up and running with our new Open Tooling offering.

The DeveloperWeek event was also the first public discussion and demonstration of our newest product, ExtWebComponents (EWC for short). EWC takes advantage of the relatively new Web Components standard, which allows for the browser to recognize new, custom elements (like our <ext-grid> component). Web components is also supported by most major frameworks, like Angular, React and other emerging frameworks like Vue and Svelte. So no matter which framework a customer may want to use, they are able to take advantage of our entire component suite of over a 100+ high performance UI components.

As part of the event, I was honored to present at the Open Talk – ‘Breathe new life into Your Existing JavaScript Components with Web Components’. The session was very well attended with an overflow crowd at the Expo Stage! I discussed the idea of developers taking existing components they know and love and making them available as Web Components. I also discussed our journey into Web Components and our new ExtWebComponents product. After the session, we had multiple attendees approach our booth to ask follow up questions. To get more information about ExtWebComponents or give the product a try, read my latest ExtWebComponents early access blog.

Before we knew it, the event was a wrap and we came away with lots of new friends. All in all, we had a very successful event at DeveloperWeek and are very excited for the official launch of Ext JS 7.0 and ExtWebComponents 7.0 in August 2019! Stay tuned!

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