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Promote Ext JS for Schools

December 3, 2019 148 Views

We are seeing good momentum with Ext JS 7.0 and getting some great reviews. We want to keep building on this. One area that we have discussed is promoting Ext JS at schools and universities and getting adoption of Ext JS at an even earlier stage. Ext JS has a learning curve and while many customers are having very good success with onboarding generic developers or Angular developers, it will be so much nicer to have graduates coming out of school knowing Ext JS. It is possible!

About a year ago we launched Ext JS Community Edition (CE). The idea behind that offering is to allow newdevelopers to learn and also start-ups to initiate new projects with a free version of the tool. Unlike the previous approach to seed new developers with GPL, CE allows a much more natural transition to commercial development. While we have a steady flow of CE downloads, we can accelerate the adoption within schools.


Many of our larger customers already have relationships with universities and recruit JavaScript developers. We want to collaborate to provide more students with CE and explain that there are good job opportunities with Ext JS. Ext JS is also a great product to learn because of how efficient it makes developers and small teams. From speaking with our Ext JS experts, I understand that Ext JS is unique compared to other frameworks, as it promotes more object-oriented web development compared to alternatives. The feedback we get from customers is that their Ext JS developers end up being more overall capable in JavaScript and understand web application architectures better; the toolchain is more productive, but it also nurtures better developers. 

We are happy to help you promote Ext JS at universities and in your college recruiting efforts. We have robust training materials and are happy to get creative with local events and sponsorships. 

The best news is that you can download the Community Edition for free today. Let’s get started!

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