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What You Missed at React Advanced London

November 22, 2019 109 Views

A couple of weeks ago I attended the React Advanced Conference in London. It was a deep dive event bringing together over 500 JavaScript and React experts from all over the world. More than 30 speakers had workshops and talks on various topics on React ecosystem. The topics covered a broad range from performance, testing, design systems, GraphQL, hooks to React Native.

I had the opportunity to present a project that I’ve been working on for several months. It’s a tool for data scientists to perform visual feature engineering for Machine Learning (ML). The key part of this tool was implemented using TensorFlow.js—a library from Google that enables data scientists to build, train and use ML models directly in their browser!

The easy-to-use UI allows users to visually define the ML model and was built using the vast set of components from Sencha’s ExtReact library. I demonstrated a simple use case to predict the FIFA World Cup game results. If you are interested, check out the slides and a recording of my talk.

I enjoy speaking at events where I can influence the larger developer community, exchange ideas and learn from other devs out there. React Advanced was a really well-organized event—great location, diverse talks and ample opportunity to meet JavaScript experts and get inspired. 

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