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Sencha Company Update

March 19, 2013 172 Views

We’ve had a great few months here at Sencha. We’ve shipped a bunch of new product upgrades, moved into a great new space here in the Bay Area, and had some pretty awesome entries in our “HTML5 is Ready” app contest. Thanks to everyone who entered, and once again, congratulations to the winner: Simon Brunel and his “Just Do It” app.

The state of the web platform on mobile looks to improve significantly this year. By year’s end, we anticipate that more than 75% of active Android smartphones will be running a 4.x generation of Android, up from about 37% at the beginning of the year (and up from just 10% last July).
We’ve been lucky enough to work directly with the Chrome Mobile, Firefox Mobile and Blackberry browser teams over the last few months to help optimize performance for Sencha-style applications. We’re excited by Firefox OS for mobile. The developer units we saw at Mobile World Congress were solid, and we think that it will be a competitive offering when it hits the market – probably later this year.

We hope you enjoy working with the newest releases of Ext JS 4.2 and Architect 2.2. We’ve been getting better at lining up releases, and the simultaneous shipment of these two products is something you can expect more of in the future. We’re very proud of the new Neptune theme in Ext JS 4.2: we think it nails a contemporary look and feel and we hope you think so too. A side benefit of the new theme is that it should be much easier to create and edit custom themes for your own projects.

On the forum front, we think we’ve minimized spam for now, but it is a continuous arms race to make sure that we deter spam posters while allowing legitimate community posts to go through. Please let us know if you think we’ve hit the right balance so far.

We’ve got some great stuff in the works for SenchaCon this July. Stay tuned for more news and session details. Let me encourage you to submit a paper for the conference. And finally, thank you for your continuing support of Sencha and for your invaluable contributions to the community.

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