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Enterprise in the Era of Ext JS 7.0

August 20, 2019 147 Views

Sencha’s value proposition is expanding significantly with the release of Ext JS 7.0.

In addition to providing the most robust enterprise Web Development component and framework, this release includes comprehensive component sets for Angular, React, and the building blocks for Web Components – which can be used in any JS environment. Today your organization can adopt an unmatched set of professionally supported tooling, including the highest performing JS grid across multiple teams.

At Sencha, we have built attractive Enterprise packages to make adoption and ROI calculations easier. Your whole organization can adopt our component bundles and principles to dramatically accelerate the speed of development & ease of maintenance. Here is why we think the time is right.

Commitment to High Performance and Secure Applications

Ext JS built its success on the breadth and quality of components it provides. Today we have over 115 major components, including the most performant grid in the market. While other grids have come to play, Ex tJS Grids stand out with its holistic architecture, ability to share properties across components, and lack of dependencies from less reliable Open Source components that are difficult to maintain. It handles millions of records and provides built-in functionality such as sorting and grouping, and advanced features such as the Pivot Grid. 

Components for Other JS Frameworks, including Angular, React, or even vanilla JS

The latest release makes our support for components that work with other frameworks more seamless than ever. You can leverage the productivity of ExtJS and the quality of components across many teams. You no longer need to scramble to manage a portfolio of desperate components from multiple vendors, and if you want to have proprietary ones that you want to develop and evolve, that is still possible.

High ROI for Development and Maintenance

Using a holistic components portfolio accelerates development as you have just a single learning curve. While a more robust product comes with more to learn, once you know it, productivity increases rapidly. Many companies are now facing for the first time the complexity of upgrading between framework versions and managing obscure soucer codes that may or may not be maintained. While upgrades are never easy, our approach to incremental releases that minimize code breaking changes should provide for the lowest maintenance cost possible.

Enterprise Friendly Pricing

Historically, we have had a flexible approach where individual developer teams can purchase what they need. That worked well with the relatively smaller Ext JS teams (due to their high productivity). However, organizations today that use technologies, such as Angular, are asking for more options and less restrictions. We developed attractive new enterprise volume packages to meet these needs and mix technologies.


The time is right to consider Sencha as your Enterprise Development Partner. Whether you want to use Ext JS, Angular, React, or vanilla JS, we have the solution you need to arm your development teams with high quality, reliable, and secure tooling that will save you money and get you to market faster.

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