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Company Update

January 22, 2015 107 Views

As we enter 2015, I have just gone over the six-month mark as CEO of Sencha and my enthusiasm about the company, our customers and the extended community of partners and developers continues to grow. These are exciting times to be in the HTML5 and web application space. HTML5 and Sencha have established a reliable and solid presence in the enterprise desktop arena, especially with Sencha’s ability to support both legacy and modern browsers. This presence continues to grow with no signs of abating as companies look to modernize their core applications.

Sencha is also a major player in the tablet and smartphone space where Gartner has recently identified HTML5 as a Top Ten Mobile Technology for 2015-2016 due to its ability to deliver across multiple platforms. And in October 2014, HTML5 got another significant validation boost with the W3C Standard Recommendation — its ratification has opened a big opportunity for enterprise web applications to expand beyond their traditional limitations such as dealing with differences across browsers, plugin requirements and lack of device access. With HTML5 now an official standard, Sencha is well-positioned to lead our customers and community into an exciting new era.

I spent a significant amount of my first six months meeting with our global enterprise customers. I had the honor to meet over 30 customers across the US, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region, seeing the amazing business applications they have built with Sencha technology. These customers cover a wide array of verticals such as Financial Services, Healthcare & Insurance, Transportation & Logistics, Government, and Technology & Manufacturing.

These Sencha-built applications such as trading platforms, technical support portals, data mining, advertising & publishing, supply chain & procurement management, factory process automation, and compliance & governance systems support tens of thousands of employees and billions of dollars of transactions every day.

When I asked Sencha customers why they chose Sencha, especially for such critical business applications, there was a consistent set of messages. First is our continued focus on supporting multiple legacy and modern browsers on any device or platform. Second is developer productivity – having a development framework with over 1000 documented and packaged APIs and hundreds of integrated and tested user interface components, Sencha allows large and dispersed development teams to standardize and rapidly produce feature rich, long-lived applications. Third, Sencha Training, Support and Services were all cited as key to our customers’ success in building, deploying and supporting their applications.

In 2015, we will continue to build on our solid foundation and drive innovation for enterprise developers and IT executives. We will be focusing on building a suite of products where you can design, develop, test, deploy, manage, and analyze the feature-rich applications that will drive and accelerate your business operations while reducing time, cost and effort. We will be merging our SDKs into single frameworks for either Java or JavaScript web application development. And based on our customer’s feedback, we will also be adding tooling and testing capability to our suite of products.

We will be showcasing all of these innovations at our worldwide users conference, SenchaCon, April 7-9, 2015 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. We look forward to seeing you all there and having a productive and fun-filled week.

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