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Ext JS 5: Engineered for Performance

June 26, 2014 148 Views


Sencha recently released Ext JS 5&#44 and we have received lots of positive feedback from our customers and community. Beyond the addition of tablet support&#44 MVVM and many awesome new features&#44 we really wanted to prove that Ext JS 5 is engineered for performance and is the best choice for building enterprise web applications.

Performance is something that every developer should care about &#8212 and Sencha has spent considerable effort over the past several years helping our customers understand best practices and performance tweaks to fine tune their applications. You can find dozens of presentations on performance from SenchaCon and our webinar series on Vimeo&#44 as well as many articles right here on our blog.

But performance is absolutely critical in the enterprise&#44 where data sets can reach into the hundreds of thousands of records and projects have very tight timelines. The Ext JS grid has long been the best choice for displaying enterprise data sets&#44 and Ext JS 5 delivers performance improvements and many new features like Grid widgets and improved charting. Combined with our Class System and support for both MVC and MVVM architectures&#44 building high performance enterprise applications has never been easier!

Sencha carefully crafted Ext JS 5 to deliver powerful enterprise applications across a wide variety of devices and platforms&#44 and we firmly believe Ext JS 5 is the world&#39s most advanced multi&#45device JavaScript framework. We even modified a simple test on to illustrate how Ext JS stands up to enterprise data sets!

Goals for Ext JS 5

When we first began planning for Ext JS 5&#44 our team discussed three overarching goals for the framework&#58

  1. Ext JS 5 should be Engineered for business applications&#44 achieving top performance and scaling with the largest apps and development teams.
  2. Ext JS 5 should increase Productivity by supporting our customers&#39 needs&#44 offering highly customizable widgets and predictable software delivery.
  3. Ext JS 5 should be Evolutionary by enhancing framework agility&#44 adapting best practices&#44 and maintaining both backward and forward compatibility.

In short&#44 enterprise applications were a top priority for Ext JS 5. With more than 60% of the Fortune 100 using Sencha frameworks&#44 it&#39s clear that Ext JS has experienced immense success &#45 and Ext JS 5 continues to deliver.

Download Ext JS 5 and see for yourself how it has been engineered for performance.

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