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Highlights of SenchaCon 2015 Roadshow Europe – You Can Still Join Us

May 28, 2015 108 Views

We’ve been on the road in May visiting cities in Europe to share the latest news on Sencha frameworks and tools. For those who missed SenchaCon this year, the SenchaCon Roadshow gave our European community an opportunity to hear all of the big Sencha announcements and great technical sessions presented by Sencha experts and partners.

We’ve stopped in London, Paris, and Karlsruhe (Germany). You can still join us in Amsterdam and Milan. More details below.

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Here are a few highlights from Lee Boonstra, our Sales Engineer in Europe.

Wow, that was a fun week! Within 4 days, Danny McLaughlin, Sandeep Adwankar and I traveled to 3 different countries to host and present at the SenchaCon Roadshow events in Europe, which were all sold out! We met with so many Sencha community members, Sencha partners, and previous students who attended Sencha training classes. We had great discussions, audience questions, and atmosphere at all of these events.


We kicked off with the first Roadshow stop in London. The day began with a keynote presentation by Danny and myself, which included the full line-up of new Sencha products (Ext JS 6 merged frameworks, Fashion, Sencha Inspector, Pivot Grid, App templates, Sencha Space & GXT). Next, Sandeep Adwankar (product manager at Sencha) and I went into more details about specific features that you’ll be seeing in the new products. You can try them out now — download Ext JS 6 beta.

We also had great sessions from our partners: Swarm Online and Bryntum. Andrew Duncan from Swarm Online explained how to succeed with Sencha app development. Richard Gamble from Swarm Online presented a topic about memory leaks, and showed us some tips and examples. Mats Bryntse from Bryntum showed us how to test code with the new version of Siesta.


After a train ride, we arrived in Paris. The SenchaCon Roadshow in Paris was special, because we hosted it on a boat. During the lunch break, we cruised through Paris. Check out some of my photos below. The partner sessions were presented by Jnesis and Bryntum. Mats from Bryntum traveled with us to Paris and did his presentation on how to test code with Siesta. Laurent Witt of Jnesis presented a talk about Ext JS and Node.js (a very interesting business case on how you can create a web server with a Raspberry pi), and Vincent Munier explained how to create multilingual applications with Ext JS 5. After this show, we said goodbye to our partners, and Danny, Sandeep, and I continued our journey to Germany.

Karlsruhe (Germany)

This was my second time in Karlsruhe. Last year, we hosted another Sencha event. This time we had another sold out show, and it was great to see so many familiar faces. The agenda was a little different than Paris. This time we had great sessions from our partners Eyeworkers and 2Gears. Rob Boerman from 2Gears explained the concept of ViewModels and showed some very impressive business cases where ViewModels are essential. Tim Riedel and Simon Buckel from Eyeworkers presented a talk about reinventing desktop publishing. The audience learned how to generate a web-based templating and layout solution with Ext JS. In the second session by Eyeworkers, Thorsten Suckow-Homberg showcased, in a few steps, how he migrated an existing Sencha Touch application to Ext JS 6.

If you attended one of these shows, thank you for being there! We are looking forward to scheduling more of these kinds of events in the future. After the Roadshow is over, we will host all of the presentations on the SenchaCon 2015 Roadshow website.

It was such a great week, and I can’t wait to host and present at the second part of the SenchaCon Roadshow.

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There are still two more stops on our Roadshow in June.

June 2nd – SenchaCon 2015 Roadshow in Amsterdam

In the middle of Amsterdam, next to the canals, you will learn about the new Sencha product line-up and technologies. See very impressive business cases by Navara and 2Gears. Sencha CEO Art Landro, will join us in Amsterdam. Vitaly Kravchenko, graphics and chart framework engineer at Sencha will do a technical presentation on HTML5 Canvas and charts. Check out the full agenda.

June 5th – SenchaCon 2015 Roadshow in Milan

Join us and meet Art Lando who will travel with us to Milan. Also, we have partner sessions by Bryntum and ibuildings. ibuildings will do a talk about real-time web applications with Node.js, and Sencha packages. Also, Andrea Cammarata, solutions engineer at Sencha, will showcase his custom Sencha components and explain how you can create your own components too. Check out the full agenda.

We hope to see you in Amsterdam or Milan or at one of our other events this year. Stay in touch and let us know how we can help you to build great web apps.

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