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Quick Survey: Help us Improve Ext JS Onboarding Capabilities

February 24, 2020 183 Views

We often hear that a key challenge in the Ext JS ecosystem is finding new developers. When organizations look to staff open roles or new projects, it is logical to request experienced developers. The same is true for Ext JS devs. Expert Ext JS developers aren’t available in abundance (unlike React or Angular resources)—making staffing a bit challenging. Outsourcers don’t always prefer staffing roles for highly productive frameworks given the backlash they get from staffers regarding plenty available React or Angular developers instead. This creates significant risk for IT leaders to maintain or undertake Ext JS projects. However, we believe that there is plenty of ROI to warrant the risk given the longer term benefits of Ext JS over other frameworks out there.

Although Ext JS requires an initial learning curve even for experienced JavaScript developers, it is an investment for long term success—and our customers can vouch for that. Infact, comparing Ext JS to Angular and/or React isn’t apples to apples given the large component library that Ext JS comes with and several other benefits that other open source frameworks lack.

Quickly on-boarding new Ext JS developers is important and multiple customers ask us to help them find distinct paths that are easy to define and “sell” internally.

This 5-min quick survey will help tailor our efforts towards enabling you to efficiently onboard new Ext JS developers. We really appreciate your time!


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