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It is a great time to be an Ext JS developer

September 20, 2017 182 Views

We are delighted to add Sencha to the IDERA family. In the last few weeks, we’ve spent a lot of time learning about the business and products and speaking with developers, customers, and global resellers. I am really excited about the opportunity to build on the success of the Ext JS family of products.

Amongst my many observations, two stand out from conversations so far.  One is the passionate community of developers and customers devoted to the products. Second is the amazing applications built via Ext JS that are used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. I’ve worked with many toolchains and developer solutions, but Ext JS’s scalability is second to none.  I am encouraged by the opportunity to invest in further differentiating Sencha’s products.

At IDERA, exceptional products drive our success. This is the most important thing that our CEO, Randy Jacops, emphasizes. We have a simple philosophy that prioritizes ease of use, quality, and scalability. We believe this approach will benefit all Sencha customers and conversations thus far confirm this.

Sencha is an almost perfect extension of Embarcadero’s solution. Adding Sencha makes our Development Tools business much stronger. We are able to extend language coverage to the JS community, which is not only large, but also growing fast. Ext JS is an excellent Web Framework that our Embarcadero developer community (who are currently focused primarily on Delphi and C++) can adopt. We advocate open architectures and will continue providing developers with the flexibility to decide how best to build applications.

Ext JS will continue as a distinct product line, but supported by greater resources. We believe there is an opportunity to reignite the Ext JS community and get more new developers to appreciate its power and productivity.  We know our Enterprise customers like to choose from a variety of tools that support various business priorities and standards. We expect to accelerate Sencha’s efforts to ensure a cohesive and integrated technology path to both support and advance developer productivity.

2017 has been great for advancing Sencha products. Ext JS 6.5 was a solid release that continues to modernize the platform while improving quality. I understand that past product releases may have included platform changes that complicated migrations. The path forward will build on the success of 6.5 and our goal will be to simplify future migrations. Version 7 and beyond will modernize in parallel with JS advances, but compatibility and ease of migration will be central to our release strategy. We understand this is important for customers and will prioritize accordingly. We also appreciate Sencha’s progress with Ext React and Sencha Test. We hope these products open our technology to new JS markets and deliver much needed testing functionality to existing customers. Your feedback regarding priorities and progress will be critical to my investment decisions.  As a result, please expect to continue dialoguing as we all move to an even more aligned future.

There is a lot to learn and a lot to do, but we are confident both Sencha’s products and customers will thrive with IDERA. As we progress, I will provide periodic updates to emphasize our commitment to the above concepts. I know how busy developers are, but we truly value your opinions, so do not hesitate to contact us and tell us how we can do better. It is a great time to be an Ext JS developer. Thank you for being part of our community!

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