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Meet the SenchaCon Speakers – Art Kay

February 25, 2015 103 Views

For those of you who don’t already know me, my name is Art Kay and I work for Sencha as our Developer Relations Manager. I just celebrated my fourth anniversary here at Sencha, but I have been involved in our community since the early days of Ext JS 2.0.

SenchaCon 2015 is approaching in just a few short weeks, and I am super excited to see everyone for another great conference!

Everyone at Sencha has been working really hard on some brand-new, top-secret projects which we plan on announcing at SenchaCon 2015 — and you’ll certainly need to be there in person to hear about them first.


But this year’s conference will also feature a ton of awesome sessions led by the top developers in our community. We received so many fantastic sessions during our Call for Papers that nearly 50% of the presentations will be given by you, our amazing community!

I’ll be speaking at SenchaCon too — I actually have two sessions. Here’s a quick overview of my talks.

Debug Your Apps with Google Chrome and Sencha

Historically, debugging enterprise JavaScript applications has been a huge pain in the neck. Thankfully the developer tools in most modern browsers have matured and make inspecting application logic easier than ever. Google Chrome in particular has a rich set of debugging tools, which can be further complemented with Chrome Extensions.

I hope you’ll join me to discuss some advanced features of Chrome Developer Tools, and then hear how we built App Inspector for Sencha. We’ll also dive into how you can build your own debugging extensions for Google Chrome.

Advanced Techniques for Compressing your Applications

For years, developers have been told that they must optimize their production code in order to deliver prompt user experiences. The proliferation of mobile devices makes this advice even more critical, where sub-second delays in rendering can lead to user frustration and lost revenue. However, most developers don’t realize that they can squeeze even more performance out of their applications by tweaking how compression tools optimize their code.

Come to this session for a technical deep dive into how Sencha Cmd utilizes YUI Compressor, Google Closure and UglifyJS — and learn some advanced techniques for delivering the smallest possible applications.

Lots to Learn and People to Meet

This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss. You’ll walk away with tons of new information and ideas — and you’ll also get to meet the whole Sencha team, network with hundreds of your peers and enjoy some fun parties. Best of all, you might win tickets to the NFL’s biggest game in 2016!

If you haven’t already registered, you still have time. Email me and I’ll even send you a 20% discount code. Visit the SenchaCon website for more details on sessions and speakers — I hope I get to see you all there.

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