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New Sencha Docs are Coming Soon

June 13, 2016 178 Views

We’re very excited to announce the official release of our new documentation. Our frameworks and tools have significantly evolved since JS Duck’s creation. JS Duck has served us very well, but it is now time to move forward. Our goal with this new software is to create a beautiful and usable experience that allows developers to easily glean information with the least amount of effort. You can expect to see the new documentation rolling out within the next few days.

It may surprise users to know that we have created our new docs as HTML/JS files instead of as an Ext JS application. This decision was not made lightly. Ultimately, a web page felt more natural for documentation than an Ext JS application.

We have also reintroduced a more holistic experience to the documentation. As of Ext JS 5, we felt that guides and API Docs were separate concerns, so we segregated them. Unfortunately, this likely introduced more difficulty than it solved for users trying to easily navigate between concepts and technical details. To that end, our guides and API docs have been visually rejoined.

Now that we’ve talked about the whys, let’s look at some of the whats!

New Features

While JS Duck did many things well, we were able to make some great improvements that we think you’re going to love.

  • Improved code extraction creating more reliable output
  • Updated look and feel
  • Responsive design that allows for mobile and tablet support
  • Docs help page to aid developers in learning the lingo
  • Ignore non-documentation comments
  • Fiddle is now the engine for inline examples
  • Auto getters and setters are now associated with their parent members
  • Improved search and filter functionality
  • Scrollable member menus
  • Directly link to class headers
  • Improved SEO for better API search results
  • Bindable indicator
  • Plus, much more!


We’re not done yet! We have some exciting ideas to make our documentation even better. While we don’t currently have a timeline to introduce these items, they are coming.

Return of the Doc Comments

Ever since their removal, doc users have been asking for doc comments to come back. We intend to do this to allow a more streamlined method of asking for assistance, suggesting fixes, etc.

Open in Fiddle

We think that being able to open API Doc examples directly in Fiddle will allow users to easily fork our examples for experimentation and minor development.


We can’t wait to hear your feedback regarding our new documentation. We realize that this may be a big change for some of you, but we are going to do everything we can to ensure that it’s a great change.

Please be sure to leave us feedback in the Documentation forum regarding features, bugs, omissions, etc.

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