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Tizen From the Ground Up

July 8, 2013 180 Views

Guest Blog Post

When I heard that Sencha was going to be supporting Tizen in Sencha Touch I was very happy, because I know how important it is for developers to have great tools to make developing great applications easier. You may not have heard much about Tizen yet, as products are targeted for later on this year, but already developer awareness is building.

For those that aren’t familiar with it yet, Tizen is a robust and flexible, open source, standards-based software platform based on HTML5. In fact, as of the end of June, it’s the highest scoring browser on, scoring 492 out of a total possible 500 points, meaning it’ll easily handle whatever HTML5 features you want to use. It’s designed for smartphones, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), PCs, and more. Tizen is an Open source project, residing within the Linux Foundation, which gives OEMs and Service Providers the flexibility to customize the UX, the app store and services. It has commercial support from the Tizen Association (a consortium of well-known companies) to drive ecosystem support and market adoption. For you, as an application developer, you need to know that this OS is coming, that there is a Tizen SDK, APIs and Tools to enable both HTML5 (web-based) apps and native C/C++ applications, and there is a Tizen store for you to sell your applications through.

Representatives from Intel’s Open Source Technology Center will be at SenchCon to spread the word about Tizen through a variety of channels:

  • We have a 4 hour Tizen Bootcamp on Tuesday afternoon where you can get hands on training with the Tizen tools, design principles and APIs.
  • There are 2 Tizen sessions here at SenchaCon
    • “Tizen from the Ground Up” presented by myself and Ted Patrick (Samsung) – Wednesday at 3:10pm – Northern Hemisphere E-3. I’ll be giving an overview of Tizen, why we’re doing it, and get into some of the technical details, architecture and building blocks developers would need to develop for Tizen.
    • “Developing a Taste for Brains” presented by my wonderful colleague Daniel Holmlund and Andrea Cammarata (Sencha)- Thursday at 10:35am – Northern Hemisphere E-4. Daniel and Andrea will be diving into a Sencha Touch application “Zombie Hunter”, explaining how the app uses the best of what Sencha and Tizen APIs have to offer.
  • And of course, throughout the conference, you can come and meet the Tizen experts in the Community Pavilion, see Tizen running, and help us hunt Zombies!

Please come and talk to us, find out more about Tizen and let us know how we can make Tizen the best Operating System to develop for.

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