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Announcing Sencha ExtReact 6.5.3 GA and React 16 EA

April 11, 2018 179 Views

We’re excited to announce the release of ExtReact 6.5.3, which supports several component enhancements and the new SplitButton component, as well as early access to support React 16.

Try ExtReact 6.5.3

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Existing Customers:

  • Update your ExtReact apps with a simple command:
    npm update

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What’s New in ExtReact 6.5.3

Support for New Component – SplitButton

ExtReact provides 115+ rich UI components a developer needs to build data-intensive web apps using React. With ExtReact 6.5.3, you can now use the new SplitButton component within your React app. With every component, you have access to all of the component configs as React props, respond to events, and use one of the handy dockable flexible layouts.

ExtReact Kitchen sink example showing SplitButton

ExtReact Kitchen sink example showing SplitButton

Support for Latest Component Enhancements

With every ExtReact component, you get access to hundreds of props, methods, events, and theme variables. For example, with the Grid component, you can provide features such as – scroll with a fixed header, sort by clicking on a column header, show and hide specific columns, add paging, grouping, summarizing, edit data in cells, export data to excel and drill down/row expansion. With ExtReact 6.5.3, you now have access to improvements in many of the UI components such as Grid, NestedList, Charts, Data View, Events, Widgets, List, Calendar, Panel, Pivot Grid, Grid Tree, Forms and more.

ExtReact Big Data Grid example

ExtReact Big Data Grid example

Themer 1.3.1 Support

ExtReact components are themable which is great for React developers. Material theme is popular amongst React developers and all ExtReact components have full support for Material theme. You can use Themer 1.3.1 to visually create uniquely themed components for your React application.

Theming ExtReact components

Theming ExtReact components

Early Access to Support React 16

React 16 is the first version of React built on top of React’s new core architecture, codenamed “Fiber”. Many ExtReact customers have requested us to support this latest release and we have been working on supporting React 16 for quite some time now. We are inviting you to try the early access version and hope you will provide feedback to help us make improvements. After you login to the Sencha NPM registry (read the documentation for how to access NPM if you do not already have access), then follow the additional steps below to get started.

git clone -b 2.0.x-dev

cd extjs-reactor/

npm install

cd packages/reactor-conference-app16

npm start

Try It and Share Your Feedback

We hope you enjoy building great apps with ExtReact and look forward to reading your feedback in the ExtReact forum.

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